I turn myself inside out 
Photographers: Josh Lake and Luke Evans
Description: a micro-photography project, the images resulting from using an electron microscope to scan 35mm film that was swallowed and excreted. More photos can be found on Luke Evans’s website, Joshua Lake’s website, in the Huffington Post and other articles online.
A Beautiful Body
Photographer: Jade Beall
Description: the antithesis of the commercialised woman’s body, Jade Beall’s project highlights stretch marks, C-section scars, and rounded bellies, celebrating the real, unedited bodies of mothers. More photos can be found at Jade Beall’s website, Facebook page, in the Huffington Post and other articles online.
Playing With the Moon
Photographer: Laurent Laveder 
Description: photographed by amateur astronomer, these pictures capture people playing with the moon in the sky. More photos can be found at Laurent Laveder’s website, in the Telegraph and other articles online.
Identical Twins
Photographer: Gao Rongguo
Description: formal portraits of identical twins born and raised in China, juxtaposing the impacts of life on their faces and bodies. More photos can be found at Gao Rongguo’s website, in this TIME article and other posts online.
The Battle We Did Not Choose, My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer
Photographer: Angelo Merendino
Description: photographs of Angelo’s wife, Jennifer, and every step in her diagnosis and treatment process over four years. More photos can be found at Angelo Merendino’s website, in The Huffington Post and other news articles online. 
Ageism - Closing the Generation Gap
Photographer: Qozop 
Description: Photographs clothing swaps between parents/grandparents and children. More photographs can be found on Qozop’s website or in this Localiiz post.